At Cinnamon Kitchen, we believe that food should be healthy and delicious at the same time. Through our range of spreads, snacks, cookies, cakes and breads, we aim to help people switch to nourishing plant based, organic and gluten free treats and see them as not just an alternative but a preferred choice. All our products are prepared using the highest quality ingredients and minimal processing to we deliver food that is dense in nutrients and free of preservatives and additives.

People at Cinnamon Kitchen

Priyasha Saluja, CEO Cinnamon Kitchen was motivated to start the brand after struggling with PCOS and learning how to heal her body with the power of clean, healthy, nutritious food. She started with a small home kitchen and an Instagram page with an aim to document her journey of eating healthy, to then catering to a few regular clients who followed the page and ordered because they appreciated preservative free, homemade sweet and savoury delights.

Alamara is the soul of the Mumbai branch. She has always been passionate about food and her approach to making food taste great is adding in the best quality ingredients, which, as a philosophy resonates completely with Cinnamon Kitchen. She grew up cooking alongside her nani, who always said that food is the best way to express love and care. Every order that goes out of Cinnamon Kitchen exhibits these values.