We started as an Instagram page (2018)

The Cinnamon Kitchen started as an Instagram page with recipes, healthy eating and lifestyle tips to encourage mindful living 

A small home kitchen (2019)

The realisation that not everyone had the resources, time and inclination to prepare these dawned upon Priyasha and she decided to help others by starting a small home kitchen 

Organic increase in following (2020)

A small home kitchen started with a handmade logo, small batches made from a tiny corner in the room. The page started attracting a lot of organic celebrity following and extremely regular clients who kept coming back for the quality of products and unique offering

 Making the move to a bigger facility (2021)

The kitchen kept growing organically through word of mouth marketing by extremely loyal customers. Some retailers expressed interest as well and the brand grew multifold. We moved out of a home kitchen into a tiny 1000sq ft facility

 Making it more accessible (2022)

We outgrew the 1000 sq ft facility in less than 6 months and had to move into a bigger place. We also started delivering throughout the country around this time 

Present day! (2023)

The Cinnamon Kitchen moved into a full scale commercial facility with over 25 employees, prominent retail partnerships with Blinkit, LeMarche, Amazon and several community partnerships. The brand is still growing multifold and vows to preserve it’s essence, remember where it came from and it’s promise of delivering only the best

Founder’s Note


I am Priyasha Saluja. I was diagnosed with PCOS as a young teenager. At the time, there was limited knowledge and conversation around PCOS and it’s symptoms. I grew up facing a lot of challenges and shame around my symptoms and health condition. Even the best of super markets only had food that claimed to be healthy but was actually laden with sugar, artificial flavours, preservatives and so on.

Later on, when I moved from Delhi to Bombay and had access to a kitchen space, I ended up doing countless experiments on my own to make food healthy and delicious at the same time. I documented my journey of healthy eating through an Instagram page that gained a lot of attention and following. The idea was to post recipes and encourage people to heal their body through the power of nutritious eating, just like I had. 

I soon realised that people wanted to eat healthy but lacked the time, resources and inclination to prepare snacks for themselves. This insight lead me to start The Cinnamon Kitchen. 

I welcome you to experience a new age of healthy, vegan, gluten free, refined sugar and preservative free snacks on your own, through my kitchen. 


100% gluten free

Only the best ingredients

Preservative free