Gluten Free Aata

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Quantity: 500gm

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Product Description


Our gluten-free flour is blended using a mix of nutrient-rich millets!  This is a healthier alternative that boasts lab-verified low glycemic index levels compared to traditional whole wheat flour and offers an exceptional nutritional profile.   With this gluten-free flour, you can effortlessly make a variety of flatbreads that you use regular whole wheat flour for. Our customers have used this to make  soft and wholesome Rotis, wraps, parathas, pooris as well as crackers!  Gluten is a main cause of inflammation because of genetically modified wheat flour, but over time, preparations with whole wheat flour have become an imminent part of our diets. You don’t have to skip on enjoying your favourite Indian flatbread preparations with our gluten free flour.    - Gluten-free flour - Blended with nutrient-rich millets - Low glycemic index - Enjoy your favourite Indian flatbread preparations like Rotis, wraps, parathas, pooris and crackers.


Sorghum, Rice, Tapioca, Dal, Millet, Maize, Soya, Husk, Flax Seeds, Xanthan Gum


Store in the fridge in an airtight container

Shelf life: 3 months