Spicy Vegan Cheese Chips

₹ 250.00

Our spicy vegan cheddar chips are an ideal healthy and delicious alternative. Crafted with our special in-house cheddar spice mix and naturally gluten-free millets (amaranth and jowar), they offer a tasty, guilt-free snack option. Packed with Vitamin B12 and suitable for diabetic patients, they deliver a nutritious boost without sacrificing flavor.

Quantity: 100gm

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Product Description


If you’re craving regular cheesy chips, our spicy vegan cheddar chips are the perfect healthy yet delicious alternative. They’re made using our special in-house cheddar spice mix and millets that are naturally gluten-free (amaranth & jowar). 

What makes these chips extra special is that they are high in vitamin b12 which we all are generally deficient in. These are great for diabetes as well. Munch on them straight from the pack, add to your salads for crunch, have them with a dip, the possibilities are endless!

-Healthy and delicious alternative to regular cheesy chips

-Made with in-house cheddar spice mix and naturally gluten-free millets, amaranth & jowar. 

-High in vitamin B12

- Chips for diabetes


Amaranth, jowar, nutritional yeast, cashews, paprika, spice mix


Store in an airtight container and consume within 75 days from the date of manufacturing


Customer Reviews

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Dr. Akshita
Must try !!!

Hey priyasha I would love to congratulate you with the phenomenal goodies you prepare . Every item is so tasty and it’s all worth it . One star mark deduction for the price . If it could be little more economical , the brand is going to soar great heights .

Best wishes !
Dr. Akshita

Chaitanya mohta

It become all time favourite snack items for my family high- tea also for my travel need.