TCK Keto and diabetic friendly Combo

₹ 2,556.00 – ₹ 3,186.00

Options: TCK Carry bag

TCK Carry bag
TCK handmade tray
TCK handmade tray + florals (Only Delhi NCR)
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  • PAN India Delivery: 3 to 7 Days
Product Description
Our special keto snacks, made just right for people following a keto life and those dealing with type 1 diabetes. Items in this hamper don't have grains and are sweetened with stevia and xylitol, which means they're good for keto and diabetes diets. You can even make your order unique by choosing a TCK paper bag or a hamper (if you're in Delhi NCR, you can even include some flowers), and you can add a personal message too. Here’s what it contains:
  1. Keto Flourless Travel Cake: A rich keto cake made with almonds and coconut flour, sweetened with xylitol and stevia.
  2. Keto Almond Granola: Sugar-free, keto-friendly almond granola with nuts, seeds, almond butter, and coconut flakes.
  3. Nut and Seed Crackers: Crunchy crackers made with nuts and seeds, seasoned with salt and enriched with psyllium husk for digestion.
  4. Chocolate Almond Butter: Made from sprouted organic almonds and dark chocolate, ideal for toasts, fruits, and smoothies.
Elevate your snacking with these curated treats, designed for keto and diabetes-conscious lifestyles.